On May 17, six protesters clutching brooms, buckets, and dustpans stood in front of the Cato Institute on Massachusetts Avenue NW. Was Justice for Janitors protesting the libertarian-leaning think tank’s stance on organized labor? No. The half-dozen demonstrators were veterans of last month’s World Bank/International Monetary Fund protests who aimed to embarrass Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Chief Charles Ramsey before his appearance at a noon Cato forum titled “Dirty Cops and Wrongful Convictions.” Some protesters wore yellow dishwashing gloves and held signs saying, “Chief Ramsey: Stop Dirtying Our First Amendment.” By 12:30 p.m., though, it was apparent that Ramsey had once again foiled their plans: He had entered through a back door. When protesters went inside to heckle, two were removed by Cato security. “I took a shower today,” Ramsey later joked. “I shower every day. I am not a dirty officer. I even put a little cologne on today.” —Jason Cherkis