Any D.C. resident knows what a nightmare it is to park in Adams Morgan. Even when you do manage to fake out the grungy gentleman who’s passed out in your prospective space, you can still only hope for a just-this-once-please-just-this-once reprieve from ticket, boot, or car thief. So while you’re stuck in orbit around 18th Street—ready to wrap your road rage around that fucker in front of you who just scored a prime spot in front of Madam’s Organ—you might just forget that Adams Morgan has been the threshold for a newlywed future president, the playground for a future Toys “R” Us CEO, and home base for a Watergate whistle-blower. Today, local author and historian Anthony S. Pitch will refresh your memory about Washington’s most New York neighborhood during his “Adams Morgan Anecdotal History Walk.” If you’re lucky, he might even find you a new secret parking location. Meet at 11 a.m. at the Wyoming Building, 2022 Columbia Road NW. $10. (301) 294-9514. (Mike Kanin)