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Congratulations to Eddie Dean on his excellent (and long overdue) examination of Jay Nedry’s Jaxx and the unique rock ‘n’ roll culture it continues to host (“Hair Today,” 5/26).

As a longtime participant in D.C.’s rock ‘n’ roll club scene, I have never witnessed an individual more committed to his work or more passionate about the music he offers to his customers than Nedry, whose tireless efforts have kept the classic-rock flame burning in the Washington area. Charismatic, energetic, and always accessible, Nedry can be seen on a nightly basis greeting customers, quizzing fans for comments and suggestions on artist performances and upcoming shows, and making sure that a good time is had by all. Because of his dedication to guitar-driven rock ‘n’ roll (a style that has slowly lost favor in the music industry), die-hards like me still have a local outlet in which to see the bands and hear the music we have enjoyed for years.

A debt of gratitude is owed to Nedry and the staff of Jaxx, for without them the local rock ‘n’ roll scene would surely evaporate. Dean has skillfully captured this wondrous nightclub and its dynamic following in all its glory. May they live forever.

Greenbelt, Md.