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Has there ever been anyone more fabulous than Salvador Dali? After all, who else has been the inspiration for a Federico Garcia Lorca ode, the recipient of a $500 loan from Pablo Picasso, the author of a Marx Brothers screenplay, featured in drawings by Sigmund Freud, the vacation partner of Coco Chanel, the subject of a George Orwell essay, a Hitchcock set designer, the friend of popes, Franco, and Miro, and named a member of the Spanish nobility by King Juan Carlos himself? All this from the painter who brought us such surrealist landmarks as The Great Masturbator. This month, as you make your way to the Hirshhorn to see the blockbuster exhibit “Dalis Optical Illusions,” don’t neglect to make an off-the-Mall sidetrip to see “Dali in Black and White.” Local antique dealer Andrew Leddy and Parisian exporter Didier Rataj have collaborated to bring to D.C. a showing of photographs as imaginative, breathtaking, and randy as Dali himself. After all, he’s in every photo. Taken in and around Dalis house between 1960 and 1970, the 21 photos are the work of French painter, musician, and photographer Jean Clemmer. After you see Clemmer’s ardently joyous and indelible images—yes, that’s the Spectre of Sex Appeal himself peeking out from behind the cheeks in Dali Portrait au Miroir Patio (Port Lligat) (“Dali Portrait in the Patio Mirror (Port Lligat)”)—the world’s most fabulous genius will seem a little less surreal and a little more real. On view from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday to Sunday to Friday, June 30, at Andrew Leddy & Co., 1639 Wisconsin Ave. NW. Free. (202) 638-5394. (Amanda Fazzone)