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Inmates getting out of prison like to say they’re not the same folks they were back when they got locked up. Ex-prisoners still need their old IDs, though, if only to prove their identities upon applying for a job (“Identity Crisis,” 4/28). And that used to be a big problem, thanks to a D.C. Department of Corrections policy of destroying possessions, including IDs, that convicts hadn’t arranged to have friends claim within 15 days of incarceration. Getting a new ID, meanwhile, represented a major hurdle for some parolees and threatened their ability to find jobs within the required three weeks of their release to a halfway house. On May 22, Corrections Director Odie Washington announced that the department would immediately reverse the policy. The department will still destroy unclaimed belongings after 15 days, but now it will place IDs in an inmate’s institutional file. —Annys Shin