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National Zoo officials say their plan to spend $10 million over 10 years on two leased pandas will lure droves of new visitors. And maybe it will. But if memories of Hsing-Hsing and Ling-Ling are correct, the lease might also net a surly pair who spend more time fighting than cuddling. A Tuesday afternoon zoo visit provides an idea for a more popular way to spend the money: free Sno-Cones. Though it’s cold and rainy, the line for the $1.50 icy treat is at least 15 deep. “People like the crushed ice,” says snack bar cashier Veronica Chase. For $1 million a year, officials could treat 666,667 people—nearly a quarter of the park’s 3 million annual visitors—to free cones. If you think perpetually gouged tourists will flock to bickering ailuropods, imagine how many will show up when they are offered free snacks. —Jason Cherkis and Michael Schaffer