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When two anti-Castro Floridians crashed Cleveland Park’s e-mail discussion group to post political diatribes about temporary resident Elián Gonzalez, moderator Bill Adler booted the outsiders from the tony neighborhood’s virtual kaffeeklatsch. “Removing somebody from an e-mail list is an extreme measure,” Adler admits, “but that was the only thing left to do.” To sniff out further interlopers, Adler has now created a 14-question multiple-choice test for participants to prove their bona fides. Questions include such stumpers as “Washington Flyer is: A. The name of our proposed baseball team; B. The President’s helicopter; C. A way to get from Dulles to Cleveland Park; D. The nickname for Metro because it goes so fast.” The quiz has now inspired some discussion participants to resurrect trivia from the neighborhood’s pre-Pizzeria Uno era: “I remember the balloon man!” wrote one contributor. “He would stand outside the Hot Shoppes croaking all day—’Happy, happy!’” —Lauri Apple