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Say what you will about Satanism (“Satan’s School for Kids,” 6/23), it’s still better than non-Disneyfied Christianity, as described by Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758). The Great Thoughts, compiled by George Seldes, contains the following delightful quotes by the Rev. Edwards:

The sight of hell-torments will exalt the happiness of the saints forever.

All children are by nature children of wrath, and are in danger of eternal damnation in hell.

Can the believing husband be happy with his unbelieving wife in Hell? Can the believing father in Heaven be happy with his unbelieving children in Hell? Can the loving wife in Heaven be happy with her unbelieving husband in Hell?

I tell you yea! Such will be their sense of justice that it will increase rather than diminish their bliss.

Hell is paved with the skulls of unbaptized children….[Damned infants are] young vipers and [to God] infinitely more hateful than vipers.

Alexandria, Va.