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I am new to the D.C. area and found your June 23 issue in the lobby of my building while on my way to lunch.

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I enjoyed many of your approaches to issues affecting D.C. but was disappointed in the illustration accompanying the article “Satan’s School for Kids.” The picture has a Satanlike figure pointing to a chalk drawing of a pentagram. This is not a symbol of Satanism but a symbol of the pagan religion Wicca. Wiccans do not believe in the existence of Satan, and the encircled five-pointed star represents our belief in the five natural elements.

Those Satanists who believe and advertise the pentagram as a symbol of their religion do not truly believe in their religion but are only “followers” for commercial reasons. I would appreciate it if you corrected this mistake, because Wiccans are misunderstood as it is.

Culpeper, Va.