Dressing up its no-frills bong-rock with a healthy dollop of Vegas glitz, KISS played Kabuki Wayne Newton to a whole generation of potheads. Now, of course, those same juvies have kids of their own, and at a KISS show you can see them all, Mom and Dad and Bud and Sis, done up in face paint and wearing matching KISS Army jackets. Only in America can last season’s Knights in Satan’s Service make a killing as this season’s wholesome family entertainment. I saw the Unmasked Marauders a couple of years back, and I spent most of their alarmingly choreographed show not knowing whether to laugh or flick my Bic in admiring tribute. Their show’s pricey, sure. But so is Wayne’s. And he won’t give you fire, blood, exploding guitars, and a tongue that haunted the dreams of every bad girl in your ninth-grade class. When it comes to arena rock, I’ll take these guys over the Stones any day. With Ted Nugent and Skid Row at 7 p.m. at the Nissan Pavilion, 7800 Cellar Door Drive, Bristow. $32-$78.50. (202) 432-7328. (Michael Little)