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Laptop-wielding DJ-turned-musician Pita (aka Peter Rehberg) says he has “a greater interest for the process rather than the result.” If this sounds like music of the chin-stroking variety (as opposed to the rump-shaking kind), well, it is. Luckily for us, the Austrian’s process yields sounds that are not only hard-hitting and dynamic, but often downright beautiful. Kicking off with a squall of amp-humping digitized feedback, Pita’s 1999 release Get Out (on Rehberg’s own label, Mego) straddles the borders between techno, 20th-century classical, and sheer noise. Following its ear-piercing commencement, Get Out soon slips into Moebius strips of synth, swaths of deconstructed strings, and layers of percussive digital glitches. Pita’s outdoor set at the P.S. 1 art center in Queens last summer—with avant-garde poster child Jim O’Rourke—produced a brilliant, hypnotic cloud of dueling blips and bleeps. See what he conjures up when he performs with Markus Schmickler, Taylor Deupree, and Richard Chartier at 8:30 p.m. at Aroma, 3417 Connecticut Ave. NW. $8. (202) 244-7995. (Brent Burton)