I took offense at Arion Berger’s recent review of The Patriot (“The Promise Keeper,” 6/30). Berger’s comment concerning the “home-schooling, SUV-buying, pro-militia-but-cautious-suburban-family-values working man” really shows her true colors—and the single most wrong thing with our country today.

Sure, there are serious social problems—yes, we have many things that desperately need attention. But I challenge Berger to find any fault with the basic theme of the movie. She cites no mention of the real issue surrounding the American Revolution, that of taxes. I suppose if Berger and I had been around in this time in history, we would have discussed taxes as one reason to be against the representation England gave us. I do believe that Berger’s feelings might be much different if only a mere fraction of events depicted in the movie were true. Oh, by the way, there were several references to “taxes” in the movie!

Let me say that I am not a home-schooler; both my children were educated in public schools. I am not an SUV buyer; I drive a Cadillac. But I am a suburban-family-values working man who did serve this country during Vietnam. And I am and will always be pro-militia. The militia is what saved this great country from tyranny and will probably be available again should the need arise.

I fought for your freedom once, Arion Berger, and I would gladly do it again, although I certainly believe your thinking is misguided, misleading, and driven by ignorance!

Read some accurate American history, not the watered-down version being taught in the classrooms of today’s schools. If you do, then maybe you will actually come to understand why so many people do choose to home-school their children. Do yourself a favor and spend some research time into why public-school children are so behind their home-schooled peers in every test that is being administered, both in the schools and college prep exams. Even the recent National Spelling Bee was won by a young man who was home-schooled!