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On June 27, a thunderstorm canceled the Congressional Softball League matchup between the Muckrakers of the nonprofit Center for Public Integrity and Grams’ Slam, representing the office of Sen. Rod Grams (R-Minn.). According to an e-mail Muckrakers manager Alex Knott later sent to league Commissioner Gary Caruso, Grams’ Slam manager Braden Tempas originally agreed to find a field for a makeup game. After failing to secure a field, Knott wrote, Tempas offered by voice mail to forfeit the game. That’s not what appeared in the record books, though. Tempas informed Caruso that it was Knott’s squad that had forfeited. Tempas declined comment to the Washington City Paper but e-mailed Caruso, arguing that the Muckrakers are the ones with an integrity problem. “If employees from the Center for Public Integrity act like this, no wonder I don’t listen to what media says about the government,” he wrote. The league’s rules committee decided to erase the game altogether. “It’s Washington, D.C.,” says Caruso, who says he’s previously witnessed fistfights between Democratic and Republican teams. “Sometimes people get a little intense.”—Dash Robinson