Even as congressional conservatives blast D.C. Council legislation intended to help working women pay for contraception, some locals have a chance to actually earn money for getting birth control: According to advertisements that appeared July 1 on 500 Metrobuses, the California nonprofit CRACK (Children Requiring a Caring Kommunity) will pay crack addicts $200 for agreeing to be sterilized or get long-term birth control. This time, opposition comes mostly from the left. “Our ultimate goal is to see them disbanded,” says Rajani Bhatia, coordinator for the national feminist group Committee on Women, Population and the Environment. Bhatia’s group has thus far picked up signatures from 10 organizations and 59 individuals on a petition condemning CRACK’s tactics. Not surprisingly, Metro’s name is not among them. “Metro cannot afford to take a moral stance,” says spokesperson Cheryl Johnson. The transit authority provides free advertising for nonprofits, and Johnson says that its review board OKs everything short of pornography in order to avoid First Amendment lawsuits. This particular quandary, though, may be short-lived. The ads’ one-month contract expires on Monday, and Johnson says CRACK has no plans to renew. —Dash Robinson