The undersigned vendors at Eastern Market would like to clarify a statement in the article “Fair Market Value” (7/21) by Jessica Dawson. It is true that we vendors have united after an option was offered by the city for us to self-regulate. This is an interim measure while plans to centralize the market activities are

being discussed.

We have been able to organize and successfully carry out the vending activities at Eastern Market due to the hard effort of Mr. John Harrod. His dedicated vision of this market has led us to the success the North Hall enjoys today. The vendors never “circumvented” Harrod in organizing, as your article states. Rather, he attended our meetings and at all times encouraged us to collaborate and continue working for the smooth functioning of the market.

In reference to the $10,000 monthly figure cited as market income, it should be clear that the city took over the market’s operation at its peak season, when it was operating at full capacity, and the city’s tenure lasted for a very short period of time (June 3 to July 8). In our view, this figure should not be considered the average monthly income for the market’s operation.

We respectfully thank you for your attention.

[Plus 57 signatures]

Eastern Market