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Australian singer-guitarist Jeff Lang is in danger of being stereotyped as the universal opening act. With his propulsive acoustic-guitar style—informed by blues, rock, and Celtic folk—he complements a variety of headliners. Although he can draw a crowd with his flash and speed, he’s nimble enough to dance on the edge of Showoff’s Leap without plunging over. He can take bluegrass breakdowns at breakneck speed, but never so fast that the sound of jaws dropping detracts from the sequence of notes. He also makes slide playing so visceral that you’ll crane your neck, can fingerpick like Leo Kottke’s kid brother, and works his effects pedals better than most hair-band boys could ever hope. Watch him take a few layers off JFK’s bust at 6 p.m. at the Kennedy Center’s Grand Foyer. Free. (202) 467-4600. (Pamela Murray Winters)