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If there is one thing I have known to be an absolute truth when it comes to Harold Brazil (“The Incredible Lightness of Being Harold,” 8/4), it is this: He is an honest and caring man. That is a lot more than I can say about many of our leaders at both the local and the national level. The bottom line is, at the end of the day, the citizens of Washington, D.C., should be thankful that they have a man of such high caliber in public life working for them. He might not be the most slick-talking politician, and sure, he’s made some missteps during his career, but that must not detract from his achievements. Because Brazil is never one to boast, often these achievements don’t receive the media coverage they deserve. I am talking about the many times I have seen Brazil talk to students who were in need of guidance, the elderly who needed someone to hear them out, or the person on the street who approached him hoping to get his ear for 30 seconds and ended up speaking to him for 30 minutes. He does all these things because he is dedicated to public service—and because he really cares for the people of this great city.

Former press secretary

to Harold Brazil

New York