I am writing to take exception to the description of the boundaries of Alexandria’s Del Ray neighborhood in Joel E. Siegel’s article on Radio Del Ray (“Let’s Get Small,” 8/4). The article claims that Del Ray extends the three-mile length of Mount Vernon Avenue from Four Mile Run to the George Washington Masonic Memorial. This is wrong.

The southern boundary of Del Ray extends no farther down Mount Vernon Avenue than its intersection with Braddock Road. There are some purists who think that the southern boundary of Del Ray is Monroe Avenue (not Monroe Street, as it is incorrectly called in the article). In no way does Del Ray extend south of Braddock Road. The neighborhood to the south and west of the George Washington School property at the corner of Mount Vernon Avenue and Braddock Road is considered Belmont.

As a lifelong Alexandrian whose family roots go back to the early 1920s, I just wanted to set the record straight.

Alexandria, Va.