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In the recent article “Scene and Not Heard” (Artifacts, 7/28), Justin Moyer suggested that my presence at the Scene Beat music conference would be a detriment to independent and local music. Before Moyer made such a statement, and before the Washington City Paper printed it, some simple research would have provided you with the truth.

In 1991, I started the show Now Hear This to establish not only independent music, but local artists as well. Local music has always been a very important part of my show. WHFS, in a commitment to D.C./Baltimore-area bands, then allowed me to create the all-local music show, Dave’s Noisy Neighbors.

On ‘HFS, I have actively supported and given air time to nearly 300 local bands and performers. Many of these bands have played live on the air, come in for interviews, or served as guest DJs. Many more of these bands have been invited to play ‘HFS concerts, events, and festivals.

Through my show, I have frequently sponsored and promoted local-music events at clubs such as the Black Cat, the 9:30 Club, the Metro Cafe, and the Garage. I have also spent much time talking with local bands about the radio and record industries, suggesting what I could to help them in their careers.

With my own record label, Radiopaque Recordings, I have released records and CDs featuring music by more than 20 local artists.

I have also organized charity record projects featuring local musicians. The profits have been used to make more than $10,000 in charitable contributions to local organizations such as the Washington Free Clinic and the Whitman-Walker Clinic. I did this to help not just local music, but our community as well.

My question is this: What has Justin Moyer done to support our local music scene?

As for the charge that I am part of the “profit-margin-minded machine endangering independent music,” consider this: From 1991 through 1999, I hosted my show free of charge. I currently receive a nominal fee to cover my expenses, but I do the show for fun, not profit.

I am curious as to who is really concerned with profits. Perhaps the City Paper can see fit to print my letter, as well as the following list of local artists I have supported, in place of one of your deluxe full-page ads, for which you charge in excess of $2,500:

Phaser, Laughing Colors, Aden, NUMBer, Squash, Rocket Transfer Warehouse, the Smizokes, the Swiv-O-Matics, Vulgaria, RXN, Incide, the Beans, Anne Summers, Less Traveled, Ebo, the Apes, Jack Potential, Moodroom, Maven, the Excentrics, Gray Matter, Brickfoot, Puddle, Caligari, Forever AD, Can’t Hang, Imbue, Sev, Ice Station Zero, the Saturday People, the Heartworms, Flin Flon, Route 1, the Goons, Bald Rapunzel, More Complete, SR-71, Sweeder, Virginia Coalition, the Milk-O-Matics, Ives Law, Sumack, the Velveteens, the Dismemberment Plan, Pocket Full of Change, Trampoline, Skalicious, Mud, Rollercoaster, Velvet, Estella’s Muse, 51 Peg, Groovement, Stress Magnets, Berzerk, the Blue Hearts, Ape House, the Sorts, Arthur Loves Plastic, Winterbrief, Sycamore Grove, Ghostbox, Splitsville, Glassoline, Hereafter, Another Brother, Violet Says, Laktic Acid, Halfway Broken, Unrest, Cinnamon Toast, Margo, Shag, Chernobyl Kids, 3 Prong Outlet, Max Mueller, Adam West, Jepetto, Spottiswoode, Poole, Morel, All Mighty Senators, Daycare Swindlers, the Put-Outs, Deep Lust, Vanity Champ, Rezin, Citizen Cope, LMP, Lazy K, Moviegoer, the Martians, Skywave, Fugazi,Metropolitan, Yours Truly, the Mendoza Line, Smart Apple, the Fuses, Barcelona, Stuck, Basehead, Love Nut, Racecar, the Greenberry Woods, Baby Fat, the Beltways, Jawbox, High Back Chairs, Sweet Belly Freakdown, My Life in Rain, Happy Go Licky, Sampson, Lida Husik, Margaret Heater, the Glenmont Popes, Andy Bopp, the Monorchid, the Nation of Ulysses, Branch Manager, Lickity Split, Mary Prankster, Smart Went Crazy, Dead Girls and Other Stories, the Suspects, Bluetip, Circus Lupus, Holy Rollers, Liquor Bike, Tsunami, Wingtip Sloat, Blank, BYOB, Girls Against Boys, the Dusters, the Most Secret Method, Viva Satellite, Tel Aviv, Shudder to Think, the Warmers, Pitchblende, Chisel, Treiops Treyfid, the Ruby Dare, the Scott Farkus Affair, the Ropers, Power Lloyd, Neptune’s Daughter, Paint, Lorelei, Magnet, the Norman Mayer Group, the Lilys, Poole, the Pop Sensation, Tuscadero, Trusty, Lungfish, All Scars, Smart Bomb, Five State Drive, Lee Harvey Keitel Band, Guava Stain, Seade, Plow, Gerty, Space 11, Jimmie’s Chicken Shack, Baltic Avenue, Soul Pit, Lois, the Tinklers, Strange Boutique, Clutch, the Shapiros, Eggs, Candy Machine, Fat Kid, Clark’s Ditch, Blast Off Country Style, Somato, Glo Worm, Cry Baby Cry, Thunderball, Trans Am, Garber, Lux Aeterna, Octopus, Ghoti Hook, Villa Rosie, Leslie, Senator Flux, Frodus, Jet Lag, Grenadine, the Cassettes, Liquorice, Piper Cub, Emmet Swimming, Velocity Girl, Autoclave, Citizen Cope, Helikopter, Big Heifer, Pedge, 9359, Severin, Slant 6, Fire Party, Manifesto, Burning Airlines, Holy Rollers, Skull Control, New Wet Kojak, Corm, Kerosene 454, the Townies, the Caribbean, Johnny Cohen, Romania, the Make*Up, See Saw, the Delta 72, Phil Krauth, Cross My Heart, and FU.

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