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I am writing to address the ignorance that was displayed for all to read in the article by Elissa Silverman on the Love Your Body fashion show (“Model Behavior,” 8/11). First, she clearly contradicted herself when saying that the participants were all white and thin. From just a look at the photograph that appeared with the article, that much is clear. Second, the models did not need to be of any specific shape to enter the show; everyone

was welcome.

Silverman obviously was not aware of the idea behind the show. The models were up there because they loved their bodies, not because they were thin and white. If they were all overweight, I am sure Silverman would have addressed that issue, though. Either way, there were people of all shapes and sizes. Silverman also forgot to mention the fact that there were signs, pamphlets, and a booth for information. In her article, she focused only on what people wore, and that was not the point.

I sincerely hope that in your hiring process for the future you weed out people who cannot look beyond the surface. Silverman forgot to mention the point, unless she is too ignorant to understand. I believe she has no idea what diversity is or what the idea behind Love Your Body Day is. What exactly was her point? Well, she had none.

Dupont Circle