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I would first like to express my disgust at the Washington City Paper’s article on the National Gay Lobby’s (NGL) boycott of the Dupont Circle Citizens Association (DCCA) House Tour. Contrary to David Smith’s (of the Human Rights Campaign) and Frank Hornstein’s (of the DCCA) belief, NGL does exist nationally, and I am proof of such. Not only am I a board member of NGL (yes, my name is on the NGL Board Members page on the NGL Web site), but I am also the chair of the NGL’s first-ever state chapter, Mississippi Gay Lobby. The NGL has been the leader, through us, in our equality efforts here in Mississippi, unlike the Human Rights Campaign, which did nothing this year but issue lip-service statements about our state’s new same-sex adoption ban.

The NGL is active in equality issues nationally. So, Mr. Hornstein, go back to bed and wake up again. Your dream that the NGL is only a one-man show has ended. Mr. Smith, only someone who is high would be so arrogant and snotty and—yes, sir—fake.

Second, I would like to address the proposed meeting between the DCCA and the NGL. The main “irk” that I had was that the DCCA said we (NGL) could not include the gay public in this meeting. If you can’t lie to the gay public with a straight face, we sure as hell aren’t going to let you lie to the NGL board members with a straight face.

You people want to talk to a real live NGL board member, feel free to give me a call. Otherwise, it would be wise for you to keep your mouths shut on things you have no knowledge of.

In pride…

Chair, Mississippi Gay Lobby

National Gay Lobby Chapter No. 1