Want to know the secrets of feeling good? How to stave off headaches forever and always be in optimum health? Wanna be glowing and brilliant 24-7? Here’s what you do: Take half a spoonful of echinacea, add three to five cloves, a few loose pieces of orange rind, a smidgen of mullein (clears up those bronchial tubes), a few flakes of peppermint, and a dab of licorice root. Put in a nice big teapot and pour in boiling water. Let steep for 25 minutes while you tune into your chakras by doing yoga, specifically the Warrior pose, while doing Breath of Fire. Then, after a good five minutes of chanting, drain and sip. Taste like ancient dirt? Good, that’s how you know it’s working. If this method of instant health doesn’t sound too appetizing, Kourosh Kashani’s lecture “Holistic Medicine: Body Mind Spirit Healing” is probably a better idea. Kashani will discuss the healing powers of the most esoteric healing forms and explain how holistic medicine can get rid of migraines as well as fix your ability to find the right mate. At 7 p.m. at Borders Books and Music, 6701 Frontier Drive, Springfield. Free. (703) 924-4894. (Tina Plottel)