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As co-editor of the Northeast Ohio Correctional Center’s newsletter, Louis Sawyer Jr. dispenses news and views to fellow D.C. inmates at the private prison run by the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) in Youngstown, Ohio. Recently, Sawyer’s lawyer sent him a newspaper article penned by CCA President Michael Quinlan, which touted the company’s facilities. “Warden, please ship me to that CCA facility today, because ain’t none of that happening here at [Northeast Ohio],” Sawyer wrote in an op-ed piece he hoped to print in the newsletter. “I have done time in a many cesspools, but this place is truly the pits.” Quinlan described CCA’s staff as dedicated to the safety and well-being of inmates at the prison, where two D.C. prisoners died from stab wounds inflicted by other inmates in 1998 (“Two Dead in Ohio,” 4/17/98). “Go back into the [outside] social setting and display the behavior of the majority of the staff here—you’ll be back before the end of your first week,” retorted Sawyer’s editorial. CCA officials, who have veto power over the newsletter’s content, declined to publish Sawyer’s piece. —Annys Shin