Believe it or not, some of the District’s advisory neighborhood commissioners face stiffer challenges this fall than incumbent D.C. councilmembers—whose opinions actually have influence over city affairs. Take ANC5C04, for example: Current Commissioner Vicky Leonard-Chambers is running against neighbors Richard Sowell and Mary A.T. Anigbo. Anigbo certainly wins the name-recognition contest: The former principal of Marcus Garvey Public Charter School, Anigbo was convicted of assault in 1997 after attacking Washington Times reporter Susan Ferrechio during Ferrechio’s visit to the school. Anigbo more recently came under fire by Edgewood neighbors, who complained about unseemly activity at a property leased by the city to Anigbo’s League of Afrikan Women Corp. (“There’s Something About Mary,” 4/14). The D.C. Office of Property Management terminated the lease this spring but remains in litigation with Anigbo over the property. “If Mary Anigbo is allowed to come on this commission, I will work independently. I will not work with an individual of that character,” says neighboring ANC5C09 Commissioner Marshall Ray Phillips Sr. “She will create division instead of unity.” Anigbo did not return calls for comment. —Elissa Silverman