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I’m sure that, by the time this letter gets published, if it is at all, the Washington City Paper will have run a small “correction” regarding Loose Lips’ blunder regarding the race of Peggy Cooper Cafritz in his mention of the political flip-flopping of Mayor Williams on the school board issue. I noticed how that section of the LL column simply disappeared from your Web site, as if LL had never written it.

What makes the entire situation maddening, however, is not so much that you will run a correction, but that you won’t run an apology. The entire premise of that bit of the column was that the mayor decided to hedge his bets and not back a potential mayoral rival, Bill Lightfoot, for school board president, by siding with a “white woman…to run an almost entirely minority school system.” I’m fairly certain many people know that the “renowned” (LL’s logic-defying word) Cafritz not only is black, but is one of the founders of the Duke Ellington School of the Arts. Why LL, and, it seems, Sharon Ambrose didn’t know that is beyond me. But it speaks volumes about a lazy, race-baiting writer who thinks making snide, but ultimately stupid, remarks will substitute for true news gathering and fact-checking. And that his column presumably made it past an editor speaks to the credibility of the City Paper and its silly conspiracy theories regarding D.C.’s top official. Shame on you. You really should know better.

Columbia Heights