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I am writing to express my views of your article on Sandy Allen (“As Good as It Gets?” 8/25): first of all, to say that Sandy Allen is OK as a person, but there are people in the ward who are in need of services. There are elderly people living on fixed budgets requesting assistance with things as simple as utility bills, and all they get is a list of agencies that they already know have exhausted all of their funds. Also, when such constituents go through the motions of calling Allen’s office back, the people there ask for their number, giving a false sense of hope—letting them think they’re going to be helped—but they’re just left hanging. Or they call the police about a crack house next door and don’t get any action, so they call Allen’s office and get the same type of response. I think it’s time Allen realizes that it’s all well and good to keep a good rapport with those constituents she feels are more important to her re-election—but they only have one vote, just like the rest of us.

Congress Heights