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Good story on Paul LaViolette (“The Man Who Fell From Earth,” 8/11). I do think things are starting to happen on this planet. Climate change is now obvious. Horrendous fires, outrageous storms, students becoming more active, like in the ’60s….The divorce rate is soaring, and a whole lot of other stuff is happening. Is it all connected, or is it just a coincidence? I don’t know. But LaViolette is not alone in thinking that something big is about to happen. It’s just that I have never heard a theory

quite like his before.

Is he right? I have no idea. Time will tell. But you have to admit, a lot of things are happening right now for which we have no basis for comparison. If LaViolette can back up his claims with science, I will take him more seriously. Even if it sounds crazy. Galileo and Copernicus sounded crazy, too.


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