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As a writer for Seinfeld, Marc Jaffe blended the high jokes and the low jokes—and all those jokes about nothing at all—and provided Jerry & Co. with enough room to work their Emmy-winning magic. But with his new book, Sleeping With Your Gynecologist, Jaffe forgoes concocting clever yuks and settles for the cheapest gags of all. With his OB-GYN wife as an unlikely muse, the puckish scribe aims his darts—some dead on, some way off—at our most private of parts. He also really enjoys the words “penis” and “vagina.” An example of Jaffe’s sophisticated comedic stylings: “There are only two people who can handle a slick newborn as it slides out of the mother—a highly trained doctor or midwife, or a soft-handed, gold-glove shortstop. Most people go with the doctor only because they are less likely to become a free agent.” Jaffe delivers at noon at Borders, 5333 Wisconsin Ave. NW. Free. (202) 686-8270. (Sean Daly)