I just wanted to respond to a part of Dave McKenna’s Aug. 18 article (Cheap Seats, “Giving Credentials Where Credentials Are Due”).

Jack Kent Cooke, the late owner of the Washington Redskins, never ordered his employees not to talk to the Washington Post. Cooke, for a time, did not talk to the Post himself, but the very day that this self-serving charge appeared in Howard Kurtz’s Media Notes column in the Post, Post beat writer Richard Justice was in coach Norv Turner’s office for 90 minutes! Let’s not perpetuate myths about the Post, the biggest enchilada in this town for more than two decades, as being mistreated.

And as to former General Manager Charley Casserly leaking information to the Washington Times, I resent the implication and challenge anyone to prove it. The Post and its allies could never accept the fact that the Times beat them on stories. In their version of events, we could never be their equal in covering the Redskins, so we must have received inside help. Casserly always treated reporters from both papers fairly.

Washington Times Redskins writer 1993-2000