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In the Political Potpourri section of the Aug. 18 Loose Lips, LL proclaims that Adrian Fenty practices “dumb politics” by opposing the proposed Department of Motor Vehicles facility planned for Ward 4. On what basis does LL make this assertion? What vast political knowledge has LL been hiding behind the many poorly written, biased, uninformative weekly columns that are shoveled out? I can not remember the last time that LL has been thanked for his political knowledge and savvy from a newly elected candidate, maybe because everyone knows that LL is just one unknowledgeable opinion.

It is apparent that LL has some bias against Fenty from his attack on Fenty’s character and politics, but that aside, LL is just plain wrong in his assessment of the situation. LL states that “government agencies are not reliable engines for economic development, but they are better than [nothing].” This logic is flawed at best. It is dumb journalism to say that placing unreliable, controversial development in an area is better than nothing just for the sake of having something. Would LL eat anything, as opposed to nothing? Would LL go out with anyone, as opposed to no one (although I suspect LL has limited choices)? How can LL expect the people of Ward 4 to accept development they have not had a right to vote on and discuss in the appropriate manner? Under these guidelines, the mayor could place whatever development he wanted in the struggling neighborhoods. Something is better than nothing, right? That is bullshit. If LL is so concerned about economic development in Ward 4, LL should question Ward 4 Councilmember Charlene Drew Jarvis on why nothing has been done in the neighborhood toward development during her tenure.

LL also erroneously asserts that Fenty does not have an economic development plan. That is simply not true. It would be wise to do research before writing reckless statements. Fenty has an extensive plan for Ward 4 economic redevelopment, but obviously LL did not do the homework. On the whole, LL has to be one of the least talented journalists to have a weekly column—even if it is in a free publication. To add biases and inaccuracies makes it unbearable.