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The majority of the estimated 5,000 Civil War photographs made for military use and commercial sale were stereographs, taken with twin-lens cameras by photographers on both sides of the war. These scenes of battlefields, camp life, and even combat were meant to be viewed with a stereoscope, which had two eye pieces and delivered a three-dimensional effect. Since 1997, Bob Zeller has been publishing 3-D Civil War photographs from the 1,500-piece collection of Robin Stanford. His new book, The Civil War in Depth, Volume 2, includes sections on African-American life, pictures by Confederate photographers, and a stereo view of Matthew Brady photographing the Gettysburg battlefield. Zeller will be showing slides from his new book (groovy 3-D glasses will be provided) at noon at the National Archives, 700 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. Free. (202) 208-7345. (Janet Hopf)