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I am a 19-year-old from California. I was recently reading an article titled “Presidential Unpardoned” (“The Crack Issue,” 9/8). I appreciate the useful information, but I resent the fact that you defamed the character of a nonprofit group. “Members of his family give the Fourth Estate the same treatment most homeowners give Jehovah’s Witnesses selling the Watchtower…”

How in the world do you know what “most homeowners” do when approached at the door by a Jehovah’s Witness? I happen to like when they come to my door. Actually, they helped me realize that life has a lot of meaning, that suicide is not a reasonable and acceptable way out of my problems. Oh yes—your facts are truly warped if you believe they are selling anything. Never once have they asked me to buy anything. The Watchtower and Awake are free, not for sale.

I think you owe a public apology to all those who put so much time and effort into what they believe. The U.S. headquarters is in Brooklyn, N.Y., and all work is done by Jehovah’s Witnesses who are all volunteers, not paid. Please do what is only true and right. Publish a retraction, or at least something to set the facts straight, so as not to mislead everyone who reads the Washington City Paper.

Morro Bay, Calif.