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Regarding your article “First, Do No Harm” (8/18): There is a saying that goes, “Dig the source.” But at any rate, in response to the statement that some believe the trauma services may be worst at D.C. General, I beg to differ. A gentleman was shot in Southeast D.C. a couple of years ago. That gentleman was shot four times in the groin area. The five minutes it took for him to get to D.C. General was crucial. His femoral artery was severed. By all accounts, he was supposed to die from bleeding to death. The femoral artery is not only the largest artery in the body, but it also connects directly to the heart. He was not prejudged as an expendable loss—he was just another trauma patient in critical condition.

His life was saved. Thank God. He is my husband, a D.C. police officer, who was off-duty at the time of the shooting. Today, he continues to protect and serve, fully recovered with no disability. He would have died if the transport time had been any longer. He would have died if he had not received quality care. Thank God for D.C. General. For every one horrible story you hear about D.C. General, you can probably find 1,000 miracles.

The services at D.C. General are by no means substandard. Many allude to administrative mismanagement, a dysfunctional billing system, and self-destruction because of neglect by officials. But D.C. General is a diamond in the rough. Seek the good stories sometimes; don’t always sensationalize the bad. Other medical institutions should be concerned about their horror stories being publicized. Lord knows they have their share as well.

Suitland, Md.