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Jeff Goldblum practices. And so does Roseanne, of course. But Larry King does not. “Tell me about cabala,” King barked at his guest during the Jan. 18, 1999, episode of CNN’s Larry King Live. “Now, I’m Jewish. I don’t remember learning anything about it when I was a kid growing up.” Was King interviewing Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman? Kosher Sex author Shmuley Boteach? Or, um, God? No, he was seeking answers from a peculiar source of spiritual enlightenment: Madonna. Cabala, the oral tradition of Jewish mysticism, is currently all the rage among the Hollywood glitterati. After the Material Girl got a little esoteric about the topic, King nailed down the real issue: “Do you feel now you are an honorary Jew or are you—is there a term for—are you a cabalan?” “I am a cabalist,” Madonna answered. Be on the lookout for celebrities at How the Heavens Heal: The Healing Arts of Cabalah at 2 p.m. at the Bethesda Marriott Hotel, 5151 Pooks Hill Road, Bethesda. $35. (877) 525-2773. (Elissa Silverman)