It’s obvious from LL’s endorsement of Jack Evans (9/8) that LL is white, lives west of 13th Street NW, is probably not gay, is solidly upper-middle-class, and probably does not rent. I agree that Jack has done wonders for his ward—particularly in making it the next Manhattan, where it is cost-prohibitive for anyone who cannot be cutely described by some term like DINK or yuppie to live and where business interests (e.g., George Washington University and Marriott) are allowed to decimate neighborhoods. He’s also done wonders in eradicating prostitution in Logan Circle, but he somehow forgot to include areas east of 12th Street NW in his cleanup plan. Want evidence? Just visit 11th and M Streets NW this Saturday night.

As far as crime goes, Evans has also done wonders there. D.C. must be the only place on the planet where someone can spend $600,000 for a house and get murdered on his way home from work. Want evidence? Visit the Mount Vernon Metro stop this Saturday night.

Jack has also been stellar on gay issues—he even got endorsed by the Uncle Tom organization GLAA. Funny, in the eight years I’ve been in D.C., I can think of at least four gay bars that have closed down in Dupont Circle on Jack’s watch. Certainly, his letters to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board were in support of these businesses. I think he also wrote one recently for Diversité! I wonder which ones he’s going to next support? JR’s? The Eagle?

By the time this letter is published, Jack will probably have gotten the nod from his pasty-faced constituents to lead them again into the next four years. When the diversity (race, class, gender, and sexual orientation), vitality, and historic beauty of the Ward 2 neighborhoods have been leveled to accommodate the Gap, I can say that LL has gotten what he (and many others who do not live in Ward 2) has paid for.