What a breath of fresh air it was to find someone who sees through all the hype surrounding “Napoleon” Snyder and his lackeys masquerading as journalists (Cheap Seats, “Rage Against the Machine,” 9/1). Boudreaux nailed it when he said that if Snyder stopped “short” (pun intended) there would be a lot of brown noses on the faces of the broadcast crew. They should take away their press passes and make them employees of Snyder’s. Snyder’s mega-spending for quick-fix free agents has proved not to work time and again (cf. Baltimore Orioles).That he is trying to recoup the team expenses off the backs of gullible football fans would be laughable if weren’t so pathetic. I, for one, can’t wait for Snyder and his high-priced band to fall on their faces. Fortunately for Snyder, he won’t have far to fall.

It is also time to address that racist name. Is it OK to denigrate Native Americans because they don’t have a powerful lobby behind them or a bigmouth like Al Sharpton championing their cause? How would Snyder’s lackey sports reporters like the slur if it were aimed at them? Hey Kornheiser, can you get on the bandwagon for the “Washington Kikes”? Wilbon, how about the “Washington Sambos”? You can always name it after the owner—the “Washington Runts.” The slurs aren’t so innocuous when they are aimed at you.

Arlington, Va.