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An item in Loose Lips’ most recent column (8/25) made my “Huh?” meter go off. It was a report of D.C. Councilmember Jim Graham’s objecting to a methadone clinic. Apparently, as reported, he has previously objected to a court-services satellite office because the location already had five social-service facilities close together.

I work at a social-service agency—N Street Village—on 14th and N Streets NW, so obviously I’m biased in their favor. But what made me go “Huh?” was the fact that each evening I walk to the Woodley Park Metro station past a bunch of 14th Street buildings that belong to Whitman-Walker. I guess Whitman-Walker’s board of directors secretly bought up all this neighborhood real estate without Graham’s knowledge when he headed the organization.

Social services should be located convenient to clients. I think that’s the theory of placing grocery stores, Starbucks, and so on.

N Street Village