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For the most part, Jenny Toomey has done right by her world. As a musician, label owner, and all-around scene mother, she’s spread the dogma of indie rock, penned how-to books and magazine articles on the subject, and gotten mike time on industry panels. But this usually thoughtful cultural critic erred big-time when she pissed all over Napster’s music-swapping utopia in a Washington Post column last June. Griping that indie artists don’t make any money and that free downloads would take away what little they have, this Georgetown University alumna came across as a country-club snot. For many kids, Napster is the only source for hearing alternative voices, noises, and P.O.V.s—especially given the inflated price of CDs. Will you hear that tonight from Toomey, who’ll be part of a panel discussion called “Copyright in Cyberspace: The Napster Quandary”? Doubt it. She’ll probably whine that someone will slip a promo of her album online before it goes on sale. I say boo her tonight as we did Lars at the MTV Music Video Awards, and download until you find the next revolution. At 7 p.m. at the Williams & Connolly Conference Center, 725 12th St. NW. $5. (202) 626-3463. (Jason Cherkis)