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There may be more behind Brad Johnson’s decision to cross the AFTRA/SAG strike line to shoot commercials for McDonald’s than Dave McKenna suggests (“Which Side Is He On?” 9/22). Rather than basing his choice on greed or political philosophy, could it be that Johnson was swayed by the implications for his place in the Redskins starting lineup? It may seem far-fetched, but a quick check on the Internet reveals that Arnold Communications, the advertising agency with which Johnson had signed the acting contract, is owned by none other than Snyder Communications, the vehicle that generated Redskins owner Daniel Snyder’s wealth.

With the talented Jeff George waiting in the wings, the one man No. 14 could not afford to upset this summer was Daniel Snyder. To lift the Lombardi Trophy this coming January, Johnson will have to lead the Redskins across many lines this season. To get a ring for himself, the picket line may have been the smartest one to cross.