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Since we’re remembering the Titans (“Remember the Facts,” 9/15), I’d like to note that the football team wasn’t the only undefeated team at T.C. Williams High School in 1972. When it came to documenting the reality of the facts for the movie Remember the Titans, many sources were never utilized. T.C. Williams also had an undefeated volleyball team at the same time. While playing volleyball as a junior, I also attended all the football games and wasn’t the only admiring fan. The volleyball team was just as diverse as the football team, but more cohesive, and the soccer team had a large number of Hispanic players. On many occasions, the volleyball team traveled with the soccer team.

This is to say that at the end of the season all the teams that had participated in sports for the 1971-1972 season were honored with an awards ceremony. The ceremony included the football team, the volleyball team (of which I was co-captain), and the

soccer team. By the way, I received a varsity letter for my accomplishments.

Some of us did pay attention to what was going on outside the confines of our school environment and became politically astute in local, national, and international issues.

Kudos to Mark Jenkins for the article.

Largo, Md.