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Casey J. Sondgeroth (The Mail, 9/22) is incorrect in stating that the Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance of Washington, D.C., endorsed Jack Evans in the Ward 2 Democratic primary. GLAA is nonpartisan and does not endorse in partisan races. We did award Evans a 9.5 rating on a scale of -10 to 10, on the basis of his signed answers to our questionnaire and his extensive gay-related record. Evans has earned high marks as a champion for the District’s gay and lesbian community for the past nine years.

We do not simply make up numbers. Our ratings reflect a meticulous process of evaluating candidates’ questionnaire responses, their demonstrated knowledge of the issues, and their record on our issues. We have placed all candidates’ questionnaire responses on our Web site at www.glaa.org, along with a breakdown showing how we arrived at each rating. We invite everyone to read the candidates’ responses and judge for himself how good the candidates are on our issues.

Readers visiting our comprehensive Web site may wish to peruse it to help them determine the validity of Sondgeroth’s description of GLAA as an “Uncle Tom organization.” We are confident that even a casual reader of our Web site will come away with an appreciation of GLAA as one of the District’s most effective community-advocacy organizations.

As to Sondgeroth’s implication that Evans is responsible for various gay bars’ closing over the years, we are eager to see an explanation of how (for example) Evans was to blame for the fire that closed Cobalt a couple of years back. If his record is really so bad, we wonder why Sondgeroth offers no concrete examples to show it.


GLAA of Washington, D.C.