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Well, now that we’ve seen ultimate survivor Richard Hatch dispatch a few stereotypes about gay men, it ought to be safe to embrace a sweet, sensitive soul again. Skott Freedman is here, he’s openly queer, and he wants to tell his story in sometimes excruciatingly painful detail. Happily, he does so beautifully. Freedman, who lives in upstate New York, is a talented singer-songwriter and pianist who creates emotional soundscapes that tell deeply personal tales of happiness and woe. (Sometimes there’s so much woe, you’ll want to say, well, “Whoa.”) But Freedman has a naughty side, too: His song “Tuesday Evening” tells the tale of a man who finds his wife in a compromising position with another woman; I’ll just say that this amusing tale is a story worthy of Thelma and Louise. So don’t buy into stereotypes—gay men can be ruthless and outdoorsy, sublimely sensitive, and anything in between, and it’s OK. Check out this sensitive singer tonight at 8 p.m. at Georgetown University’s Copley Lounge, 37th and O Streets NW. Free. (Natalie Davis)