Two Sundays ago, harried travelers scanning departure and arrival screens at National Airport had some competition for their attention when they went to find out what time flights departed: Some of the screens were showing the Redskins game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The nail-biter was broadcast on TV consoles contiguous to those bearing flight information in airport terminals. “Somehow some of the workers here in the airport have figured out how to change [the channel on the display screens],” explains Rosa Minus, head of the airport’s Terminal Concessions and Service. “We’re not supposed to have sports on those channels, but apparently they’ve been messing with it.” So, a week later, some frequent fliers might have expected to catch Redskins kicker Michael Husted’s finger-crossing 24-yard winning field goal against the Philadelphia Eagles. No such luck: he screens featured Japanese sumo wrestling and the MetRx World’s Strongest Man competition. —Robin Bingham