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Every Thursday, I used to rush out and pick up my copy of the Washington City Paper and voraciously read most of the articles and reviews. This continued for almost 10 years—until recently. Now, many of the articles and reviews are written so poorly that I cannot force myself through them. Of late, there are numerous factual errors.The masthead is pretty large—why not add a fact-checker or two? The language used in many of the pieces makes the paper unfit for me to leave it out. And the City Lights section is a reiteration of press releases or horrible personal recollections.

The argument has been made that the paper is free and therefore should be excused from perfection. I contest the fact that it is free. The City Paper receives thousands of dollars each week in advertising fees; therefore, in my mind, these sponsors are picking up the tab. Economics aside, good journalism abounds in the free weeklies across this country.

I do not demand perfection or that the City Paper become a mimic of another free weekly; I only ask for solid writing on interesting subjects with correct information. The errors as of late have been inexcusable. I have no personal agenda other than an enjoyment of reading newspapers—scientific, commercial, and alternative. I will be looking for other sources of alternative press.

Mount Pleasant