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If you’ve rounded Beach Drive’s curves on the Bianchi during a weekend spin through Rock Creek Park, you’ve spotted that dreamy little two-story mill up by Tilden Street. All stone and wood, with a big wheel attached, the Peirce Mill induces reveries of after-school Oreo fests in front of Little House on the Prairie. Built as part of the Peirce family farming complex back in the 1820s, the mill ran commercially until 1897, when it became a tearoom for the leisure class. In the mid-’30s, the Works Progress Administration whipped it back into service, turning out flour for the baked goodies in the Interior Department’s cafeteria. But by the early ’90s, the little wheel simply couldn’t—a shaft failure had rendered it defunct. The National Park Service vows to get that wheel spinning again, but Friends of Peirce Mill estimate it needs about $1 million worth of tinkering. Flour-philes, ante up. Check out today’s Open House, which runs from 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. at Peirce Mill, Beach Drive and Tilden Street NW, Rock Creek Park. Free. (202) 426-6908. (Jessica Dawson)