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I doubt it’s mere coincidence that I Drink Your Blood was released the same year Charlie Manson was locked away, ostensibly, for good. The film revels in contemporary fears: A cult of Satan-worshipping hippies rapes a girl and doses her avenging grandfather with LSD. His grandson gets revenge, though, selling the counterculture “clan” meat pies tainted with the blood of a rabies-infected dead dog. The hippies freak out and go on a bloody rampage while singing Grateful Dead songs. I don’t know which is worse, Dead songs or violence. The MPAA voted against the latter, twice slapping an X on the movie. Rather than become the first film rated X solely for violence (leaving that honor to Sonny Chiba’s Street Fighter in 1974) the film was recut—and actually lengthened by 10 minutes—to squeak by with an R. Now see every drop of blood in the original, uncut version of the cult classic. This Washington Psychotronic Film Society presentation starts tonight at 8 p.m. at the Lucky Bar, 1221 Connecticut Ave. NW. $2 (suggested donation). (202) 736-1732. (Mark W. Sullivan)