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I doubt that it matters to you, but for the record, the article by Mark Cohen (“Barrier Method,” 10/20) contained many misquotes, distortions, half-truths, and outright incorrect statements. In addition, he omitted many ongoing developments that would have contradicted his thesis.

The errors of commission and omission include:

1. We are working on emergency contraception.

2. Two new barrier methods—namely, Lea’s Shield and FemCap—should be approved by the Food and Drug Administration next year as the result of our studies.

3. We have a major program on male hormonal contraceptives and, in collaboration with the World Health Organization, have already shown proof of concept.

4. The progress that we had made in developing new microbicides with a minimal budget is what led the Gates Foundation to give us the $25 million grant.

Cohen’s approach was to ridicule me and my colleagues, which I am sure helps you sell advertising but does nothing with respect to accurately informing your readers.

Contraceptive Research

and Development Program