Ghosts haven’t been funny since Bill Murray drove the Ectomobile. Now we wonder—in all seriousness—whether “the truth is out there.” If you ask me, the supernatural has become superboring. (And superdumb. C’mon, FreakyLinks?) Maybe following the reality-TV vein, Fox should give the Ghost Hunters of Baltimore their own show. On their Web site, the Ghost Hunters offer the rules they live by for first-time investigators: “ALWAYS HAVE AT LEAST THREE PEOPLE WITH YOU DURING A GHOST INVESTIGATION!” and “DO NOT consume alcohol or any drugs before or during a ghost investigation.” And unlike those overemployed Blair Witch creators, Ghost Hunters aren’t into hyping what they can’t deliver. “Remember that less than 25 percent of all reported hauntings are actually determined ‘paranormal,’” they advise. Tonight’s presentation begins at 6:30 p.m. at the Decatur House Museum, 748 Jackson Place NW. $5 (suggested donation). For reservations call (202) 842-0918. (Annys Shin)