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Kudos to all who contributed to the story on nursing homes (“Before Their Time,” 10/27). The current bias in Medicaid that forces people—old and young—to give up a life in the community in order to receive some level of services is a national disgrace. Poll after poll has told us what we already know, that practically no one wants to live in a nursing home. Yet neither Congress nor any of our recent presidents have stepped up to the plate to provide relief/freedom to the beleaguered citizens of America.

Why not? Well, that answer is simple if you simply follow the money. For many years, the wealthy nursing-home industry has provided tremendous sums of money to contribute to candidate coffers and support a lot of lobbying to keep the golden Medicaid goose laying eggs in their already overflowing pockets. Thanks to your staff, editors, and everyone else at the Washington City Paper for a long-needed peek beneath the slimy underbelly of the nursing-home “industry of care” to expose the damage that continues to be done to real people all in the name of profit.

Missoula, Mont.