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Recently, after watching Solas—one of the most powerful movies I have seen in a while—I read the review of it your paper published (Short Subjects, 10/20). I have to point out three things to the person who wrote it:

1. You are definitely a man. It is so obvious that you didn’t understand the depth of the dynamic between daughter and mother, something we women experience every day.

2. You have never been to Spain or South America. You think Marí#a is too glamorous to be a cleaning lady? You think poverty means that you have to look like a homeless person, no matter what? You think maids are old, dirty, and ugly? You should take a trip to Europe or Latin America to get in touch with reality and stop writing on the basis of your assumptions about how things are supposed to be from your 100 percent American perspective.

3. You think every relationship should involve sex. The old man was not looking for an erotic relationship with the mother. He was looking for company, because he was alone, just like all of them.

I hope you can give the movie another try. It would be a pity if people don’t see it because of your review. Solas is a wonderful piece of work, where you can find humanity, truth, beauty, and simplicity.

Bethesda, Md.